Rear-end motorcycle accidents Motorcycle accidents are a major cause of injury. When an automobile driver collides with the rear of the vehicle in front of them, a rear-end accident occurs. The majority of rear-end collisions occur when the driver behind the other vehicle is not leaving enough space between the vehicles. A rear-end accident can also occur when the driver in front suddenly stops. Instead of a more gradual and cautious slowdown, it is better to reduce speed gradually. Distracted drivers, who are on the phone or texting while driving, or doing another task while they drive represent a significant percentage of rear-end accidents. Motorcycle riders are involved in many of these accidents. When rear-end collisions occur, motorcycle accidents A serious injury or death may occur. After seeking medical attention for minor or serious injuries, victims should consult Sacramento motorcycle accident attorneys for legal advice slip and fall accident lawyers in Orange County, CA.

According to statistics provided by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA), motorcycle accidents are responsible for about 10% of all traffic-related deaths. Californians who drive other vehicles are 35 times more likely than motorcycle riders to die in an accident. These accidents are most common between May and Oct., when the weather is better for motorcycle riding.

Motorcycle crashes can be caused by many factors. Most motorcycle accidents are caused by drug or alcohol abuse. Accidents can also be caused by other drivers not being able to see the motorcycle. Motorcycle accidents are often caused by speeding, distracted driving and aggressive driving. The motorcycle was responsible for 68% of motorcycle rear-end collisions. In many cases, the police officer who is called will find that it is the driver behind the motorcycle that was at fault. Nevertheless, there are certain circumstances that can alter the officer’s assumption of fault.

Accidents can cause serious injuries which can affect your entire life. You may also be burdened with high medical bills and lose your income during recovery. You will be responsible for any property damage or medical costs that the other driver has to pay if you are found at fault. Sacramento Motorcycle Accident Lawyers can provide immediate assistance if you live in Sacramento or a nearby area and have been involved in a rear-end motorbike accident. Sacramento Motorcycle Accident Lawyers know the laws that may impact your claim. They will use this knowledge to prepare your case. Call us today to receive a free evaluation of your case.