Selecting a reputable Moving and Storage Company to help you move your home will reduce stress and ease the moving process. An excellent moving and storing company will be able provide you with the services below at no additional charge. Come and visit our website search it on Diamond Hands Moving & Storage NYC you can learn more.

1. A representative will arrive at your residence and offer an estimation for the services.

2. Any items damaged or destroyed during transport or storage will be insured.

3. It is possible to hire an expert packer if so desired.

4. You can arrange all of your belongings to be moved from your current property to your future home.

5. You can expect all furniture to be placed according to your specifications in the room you specify when it arrives at your new residence.

6. They use protection coverings on all flooring, carpets or other surfaces in your current home as well as the new house to prevent damage.

7. Companies who also offer storage use two different types. The two types are containerized self storage and storage in a building.

In choosing a moving and storage service, the following things should be kept in mind.

1. It is best to choose a moving/storage company that your friends or family have recommended.

2. When moving, try to avoid Fridays and end of month. Most companies provide cheaper rates when their schedules are quieter.

3. You should ask the company you hire to move and store your belongings how many employees will arrive at your house.

4. When you have to gain access to goods in storage, choose a firm that’s close to home.

5. Three different companies should be contacted for quotes.

6. It is also a good idea to arrange to tour the storage facility of the business you plan to hire to check the safety and the ease of access.

7. You should ask your self-storage provider when they will be able to give you access.

8. When you opt for containerized storing, make sure to list all the things that will be stored there and then get the storage provider to sign one copy.