Are you able to pronounce the following words correctly: Guest Posting Through, Plough, Dough or Cough? You can also pronounce corpse and worse. It’s likely you haven’t. Again, loud and clear please.

It doesn’t matter how you pronounce the words. At least you are aware of the right way to best books for a2 english.

English pronunciation and its language

It is the pronunciation of a certain word, language or dialect. This is simply how a word sounds. However, in every language, there are many ways to pronounce or articulate a single word. This is true. Many factors influence the way English words are spoken. A person’s area of origin is one factor. Asians for instance, have a very different English accent than British. Africans, French and Africans sound distinct when speaking English. Australians also provide an example. Have you heard Italians or Russians talk English? You may not know that even the British and Americans have different English accents.

Over 500 million people know and speak English. Each person can speak English their way. How do you pronounce English or how should one speak English properly? We need to know how we can tell if the words spoken are correct. A word can be spoken in many different ways. How much more so if it is followed by several other words?

The first thing you will hear is how to pronounce English properly. You are doing well if you know how to speak English. Hoorah! If you converse fluently in English, that is much more desirable. Do you know which is better? The best way to learn English is by learning how to properly pronounce it.

Information and secret facts

What is the correct way to pronounce this word? You should be aware of the following facts and secretes.

1. English is not phonetic. Because of this, we don’t always spell a given word exactly the way we say it.

2. English is often considered to be a stressed-language, whereas many other languages can also be considered to have multiple syllables.

3. English pronunciation concentrates on certain words that are stressed, and glides over all other non-stressed words. It is important to understand and speak English. The stress in a word always falls on the vowel.

4. By forcing air into your vocal chords, vowels can be pronounced. Which vowel you produce depends on the shape of mouth.

5. You can produce consonant noises by stopping your breath completely or in part. Consonant Sounds can either be voiceless or vocalized (vibrations of the vocal chords), and are usually in pairs.

6. There are words that have the same spelling, but different pronunciation.

7. The pronunciation of some words is the same, but they have a different spelling.

8. There are two types of pronunciation differences: accents and phonemes distribution.

9. Don’t focus on each word. Concentrate on the words that are stressed in each sentence.


Many keys are available to help you pronounce English correctly. The best way to pronounce English is to follow a certain model, whether it’s American or British. Consult dictionaries, pay attention to the pronunciation of native English speakers, practice continuously, and consult with dictionaries.