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For centuries, ornamental goldfish were prized because of their beauty and charisma. They have been bred extensively, which has led to a variety of different varieties, each with varying sizes, shapes, and colors. What are the different types of goldfish available? We will look how many species of goldfish are there, as well as the wide range of varieties and types that have been developed through generations of selective breeding.

Goldfish Origins

A rich and long history dates back to over 1,000 years. The Prussian Carp, also known as Carassius gibelio (a wild species), was used to domesticate the goldfish in ancient China. The early varieties were much smaller, and their coloration was more muted than today’s dazzling goldfish.

Over the years, different goldfish traits were selected for, such as color, size and fin form. Using this method of breeding, distinct goldfish types were created. Each one had its own characteristics. We have a wide variety of goldfish types and species thanks to selective breeding.

How many species of Goldfish are there?

Carassius auratus is the name of all goldfish. Technically, goldfish are all members of the same species. Within this single species there are numerous strains with their own unique characteristics. The varieties of goldfish can be divided into two major categories: the single-tailed, and the double-tailed.

Goldfish Single-Tailed: They have a streamlined, long body with only one tail fin. Common goldfish with a single tail include Comet Goldfish and Common Goldfish.

Double-Tailed Goldfish. Also known as fancy fish, double-tailed or double-finned goldfish have a longer, more rounded, and have distinct caudal (tail) fins. This category contains a large number of different varieties including Fantail Goldfish (also known as fancy goldfish), Oranda Goldfish (also known as Ranchu Goldfish), and others.

There are over 100 different varieties of fancy goldfish, and they come in a wide range of colors. Every fancy goldfish has its own distinctive traits, including the body shape, fin configuration, and coloration.

Goldfishes of Note

Fantail Goldfish – Fantail Goldfish have elegant tails in the shape of fans and are graceful swimmers. The goldfish come in different colors such as orange, white, red, and calico.

Oranda Goldfish. Oranda Goldfish are easily distinguished by the “wen” (fleshy growth) on their head. Orandas have a variety of wen colors and shapes.

Ranchu Goldfish. Ranchu Goldfish has a distinct appearance, with their rounded bodies, lack of dorsal fin and crown-like wen at the top. A regal look is what makes them known as the “king” of goldfish.

Telescope Goldfish. Telescope Goldfish are recognizable by their protruding eyeballs that mimic telescopes. This charming fish is available in many colors such as black, metallic, red and other shades.

Black Moor Goldfish Black Moor Goldfish is known for its striking black coloring and their protruding eye. The velvety texture of their skin sets them apart.

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The world of the goldfish has a lot of diversity thanks to generations of selective breeding. There are many different color variants, and varieties within the Carassius auratus species. This offers a large variety for collectors and goldfish lovers. You can find a variety of goldfish to fit every aquarium and taste. While we appreciate these aquatic treasures and take care of them, we also celebrate the talent and dedication that breeders have shown in creating these amazing varieties.